This is the era of social networking websites, pouts/duck-dog-cat faces on Snapchat and Instagram, cats and memes on Facebook/Twitter, chain messages on Whatsapp we’re all addicted to at least one of these. Our media consumption is increasing day by day as we drown ourselves in these platforms.

Undoubtedly they’re beneficial to us but to what extent? We’re getting so addicted to it that we’re losing control and succumbing to the temptation. During this period of my life when I had literally no pressure of exams/studies/job I also made the mistake of caving in, but I soon realized the trap and decided to quit Facebook and Whatsapp for a while.

I missed it for a while but once I started investing my time in other hobbies and learning other things like Spanish, Python, Guitar etc! I felt much better. One of the changes I brought out in my social media world was the quality of content I was spending my time on, for this I switched to Quora and Reddit. For those of you who are relatively unaware of these platforms, I would give you a brief overview of them.

Quora is a Question and Answer based website where users can post queries related to any subject be it science/sports/personal life/hobbies/career counselling just to name a few, and then other users who have better understanding of the subject matter can attempt to answer those questions. These questions and answer both can be upvoted and/or promoted by the audience/OP to make it popular and appear on the feed of other users who’re following that topic.

Reddit is also pretty much the same forum based website which likes to call itself the Front page of internet.

Once I started spending my time on these websites I was initially just a viewer, reading answers by other users and increasing my knowledge. As I built a little confidence, I started posting Questions and replying to other users queries. My reading/writing skills have improved significantly which is also one of the reasons I could dare to start my own blog. The knowledge gained by reading others experiences and hacks for day to day life makes me feel I’m a little better than I was yesterday and isn’t that what we all yearn for? I recommend following at least one of these platforms and actually benefit from a social networking website.

Follow me on Quora/Reddit and let’s learn from each other.