###Hi friends, Music is something which calms the soul and directly soothes the mind and body together. Some like to listen to it and others who are more blessed with talents of playback, composing; make music!.

My love for music started off pretty early. I was always a choir student in my school. I remember how I used to be the only guy in the front row feeling so shy as I was surrounded by 2 girls on my right and 2 on my left. I learned playing synthesiser when I was in 2nd standard. Now apart from singing, I had also started playing synth in the class assembly.

Numerous competitions and years later I developed a taste for western music when I was introduced to one of the cult band of our generation Linkin Park. Then later on EMINEM became my Rap-God. Seeing my passion for music, my grandmother bought me my first acoustic Guitar. Now I wanted to learn Guitar!! So there I was learning Guitar at summer classes, at the end of those 15 days I had learnt the basics of it and on the gala night of the classes I even performed with one of the most famous bands in our city The Oceans.

Well things went slow until I met one of my friend who played Electric Guitar. He inspired me to learn guitar further. So I bought a shining new ESP-F10 and the journey continued. I joined my college band Sarhad performed with them on many occasions, played as a solo artist on separate occasions. Music still remains not a hobby but a passion and the journey continues!!. Here are some of my songs which I have recorded these past few years. I hope you like them. Feel free to comment and let me know your views.

You could find me on SoundCloud where my songs have been played more than 15K times and still counting :)