###Hola amigos!!

Still enjoying the break before my joining. Things were going slow and dull and after learning Python last month and I was searching for something else which I could pursue. This time I yearned to learn something in a totally new genre. I had learnt quite a few things in Software Engineering, Music and outdoor/indoor games. I was searching something totally bizarre. That’s when I thought that “Hey, I’ve learned plenty of computer languages why not go for a real spoken language this time.” That’s when I decided I’d be learning a new language, just for fun.

So I started looking out for the perfect language to start with. I had Japanese, German, French, and Spanish in my mind, so I started narrowing down my choices. After a lot of research I stumbled onto one of the most beautiful Romance languages: Spanish. Mostly since it is the one of the most spoken languages in the world. Most of the US speaks it which is a dream for any IT graduate to visit (SILICON VALLEY Yikes!!!).

So the journey started with Duolingo being my mentor, but wait did you know, you’re much more motivated to achieve a goal if you do it with someone? Of course you guys know it, as the old adage goes “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to travel far go together”! So I found my grand-mother to be my partner in this journey! Yeah you read that right, my grand-mother. She’s uber cool. She retired from the Rajasthan University as the H.O.D., Economics Department. Awesome, ikr?

Both of us have started this wonderful journey and practice the language every day, doing home-works, maintaining notes, revising stuff, trying to talk in Spanish with each other, confusing other family members and what not. It’s been a month or so and both of us are pretty good at elementary Español.

Turns out learning a new language opens up your brain to so much new stuff and gives you a new perspective of looking at things, it’s an amazing experience everybody should feel! To describe the journey in a few words I’d ask you one question “Can you imagine a new color apart from the staple 7? Of course no, right? Learning a new language is figuratively speaking seeing a new color.” Mind-boggling isn’t it? And you right there should feel this too.

Follow me @Duolingo: abhisheksaxena7 and let’s learn and compete with each other.